Kids Classes

Physical activity is vital for healthy development in youth and adolescents. We believe that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu serves as a great tool to grow your child’s fitness, motor skills, persistence, and confidence, while learning valuable self-defense skills.

Our kids program follows a progressive curriculum, which will ensure proper advancement through the art, and is designed to both challenge and encourage growth in your child’s physical and mental abilities. 

Our program currently aims to develop two separate age categories:

1. Children ages 5-7

For our younger age group, classes focus on developing balance, body awareness, and simple athletic movements to assist early development of coordination and motor skills. Simple movements, games, and basic jiu-jitsu techniques will be covered.

2. Children ages 8-14

This age group will focus on developing and expanding upon basic movements, as well as applying them toward more advanced techniques and drills. Due to a greater learning ability compared to younger children, more techniques will be introduced to create a larger arsenal for their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu toolbox. Drills, situational training, and live training will be gradually incorporated to develop the students’ ability to perform under pressure.