Adult Classes

BJJ Fundamentals

In this class, students will learn the basic techniques and positions that will become the building blocks of a sound, well-rounded Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game. The focus will be on warm-ups, drills, and situation training that, in addition to building a solid BJJ foundation, will improve students’ functional strength and cardiovascular fitness. Gi only.

BJJ Mixed Levels

This class expands on the fundamentals with more advanced techniques, positions, and theory. This class is open to all experience levels, but will move at a faster pace than the fundamentals class. Intense drilling, live rolling, and competition preparation are all practiced in the mixed levels class. This class is conducted in both gi and no-gi.

Executive Class

This is our hour-long afternoon class, perfect for students who are looking to get in a quick session during their lunch break. Because this class will typically have a lower attendance, it has a more casual, fluid approach. All experience levels are welcome.